10 most difficult moment with grandma

10 MOST DIFFICULT MOMENT WITH GRANDMA. At times I could possibly conclude that my grandma is facing demential problem as other aged women do. Most of the things she does though with carefulness but soothingly I consider them mistreatment to me. Should I say at first I found them to be her ways of sapping…

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Bold steps to reality.

The body and soul disengage from each other when there is complete dysfunction of breath or simply when death occurs. Our friends disengage from us when our ways and ideas turn sour. Most times we feel disengaged by the world maybe due to challenges or unanticipated foreces but then it has come to an acceptable fact that the most likely way to relinquish ourselves from the chasm of disengagement is to take a bold step to reality.
I can’t really say I have what it takes to make you this or that but truely, someone’s story or experience will (more…)